4 Signs A Homeowner Should Contact Roofers in Annapolis

by | May 17, 2016 | Roofing

The roof of a person’s home is their first line of defense against water coming into the home. If the roof provides an entry point for water, it can damage personal property inside the home, cause damage to the structure of the home, and cause mold to grow. If a homeowner is able to recognize the potential problems that their roof can have, they can contact Roofers Annapolis before the problem causes permanent damage.

Missing Shingles

Shingles can come off the roof in severe weather, such as strong winds and ice. They can also come off of the roof if it is old. If a homeowner finds shingles in their driveway or in the yard around the home, they should contact Roofers Annapolis. The roofer can come in to inspect the roof, and determine the best course of action to repair the problem.

Decaying Shingles

When the shingles on the roof are decaying, it can lead to serious problems. Decaying shingles will not always fall off the roof. The shingles can lift up and trap water and moisture underneath. This can lead to mold issues under the shingles. If a homeowner believes that they have decayed shingles on their roof, they should contact a roofing expert.

Damaged Flashing

The joints on the roof are connected with a thin sheet of metal called flashing. The most common place for this material is where the roof and the chimney attach. If a homeowner notices that there is a leak in this area, they should contact a professional roofer to repair the flashing.

Missing Granules

Asphalt shingles are covered with course, rock-like granules. These granules will keep the shingles from cracking in the hot sun. If a homeowner notices black debris in their gutters or downspouts, they should contact a professional roofer. Missing granules are the first sign that a roof may need to be replaced.

If a homeowner is having trouble with leaks in their home or if they want to have their older roof inspected, they should contact the professionals at Reliable Roofers Inc. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and repaired, the better.

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