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Why Choose Epoxy For Commercial Floor Coatings

For years, Baltimore contractors have been applying floor coatings. One of the favorite types is epoxy. An epoxy commercial floor coating is always in high demand. The rationale is based on more than aesthetics. While appearance ranks high for commercial businesses, functionality is very important.

Choosing Epoxy Coatings

For commercial operations, the floor should never be an afterthought. It should rise above the perception of it being “something to walk on.” Floors, while maybe not as eye-catching as your merchandise, need to work with what you have to show it off to its advantage. This is one reason why you should choose epoxy coatings for your commercial floors.

This should not be your only motivation. Consider the following:

  • Durability: Epoxy provides a durable coating for your floor. In fact, it is one of the toughest and strongest finishes currently available
  • Long Lasting: Epoxy flooring lasts for years
  • Safe: Unless water coats the flooring, epoxy coatings are non-slip. They appear shiny and look slippery, but, in actuality, they are safe from fear of slipping and falling
  • Colorful: Rather than a dull grey or off-white, you can liven up your concrete commercial flooring with color. Epoxy industrial, residential and commercial floor coatings are available in around 150 different shades. You can adjust them to produce patterns that ripple across your commercial flooring. You can also create a unique look that sets off your merchandise
  • Low Maintenance: An epoxy commercial floor coating is not difficult to care for. It is very low maintenance requiring normal cleaning of surfaces on a regular basis

Overall, epoxy flooring is a positive investment in your commercial enterprise.

An Epoxy Commercial Floor Coating

If you want to ensure the floors your clients and employees walk upon are low in maintenance, durable and attractive, consider your options carefully. While cement floors are functional, your Baltimore business deserves more. Consider the rest but settle on the best – an epoxy commercial floor coating.

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