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Signs You May Need a Residential Roof Repair Service in Orange Park, FL

It can sometimes be difficult to tell when you need a residential roof repair service in Orange Park, FL. Most repairs require professional services. A professional can help you determine if repairs are necessary and can provide you with high-quality services. Additionally, customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and you will receive fast and reliable service from a team of qualified staff members.

Missing, Cracked or Curled Shingles

These are all signs that your shingles need to be replaced. If there are considerable or widespread numbers of missing or cracked shingles, it may also be a sign that you need to replace your roof. You might need to consider hiring a residential roof repair service.

Dark or Dirty Shingles

This can be a sign that your shingles are allowing moisture to be trapped. This means that they need to be replaced.

Granules in Your Gutters

When composite or asphalt shingles begin to wear out, they shed their granules. They often end up in your gutters and can look like thick, black sand. You can hire a professional residential roof repair service to replace these shingles before the problem becomes severe.

Peeling Exterior Paint

Moisture can build up near your roofline if your attic isn’t ventilated properly. This causes paint to peel.

Staining on Your Walls or Ceiling

If your walls or ceiling are stained, your roof may be allowing moisture to enter your home. This is a sign that you need a residential roof repair service.

Sagging Roof

This may also be a sign of leaking moisture. It may require a complete roof replacement if not caught early on.

There are many ways to tell if you need to hire a professional for your roof repairs. Contact Keith Stern Roofing to learn more about available services. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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