Spill Kits Training: What’s Involved

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

You know that your industry requires you to have spill kits onsite to prevent spills from getting into the environment and harming employees. However, knowing that you need them and purchasing them is just half the battle. Once you have them in your possession and they are in a location that is easily visible to everyone, you need to learn how to use them. Spill kits training is essential, though usually not required by Australian Standards. They just want you to have them onsite; it’s your job to ensure that the right people know how to use them effectively.

Spill kits training doesn’t just include reading the instructions, though they should be read before attempting to clean up a mess. The goal of the training is to teach managers and some employees how to use the kit itself. The training can also teach others how to prevent spills from occurring at all through prevention tips. Many companies don’t offer training at all, but a handful of these companies do have it available, and it is in your best interest to utilise the training.

EcoSpill has a variety of training options. Their spill kits training includes the fundamentals and teaches you what products are included in the kit and what they do. They also show you how to correctly contain and clean up a spill using the products in the kit. Therefore, you and your employees always know what to do if spillage occurs. Along with such, they also have in-depth spill response training, which offers a better understanding of spill prevention and how to manage spills when they do happen. You learn more about environmental legislation, safety in the workplace, and more. Along with such, you learn about the types of kits available and which ones are suitable for each spillage type; you also learn about the 7-step response to spills.

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