3 Reasons Why Homeowners Install Tin Ceiling Tile in Brooklyn, NY Homes

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Anyone who has ever taken a tour of Brooklyn’s historic homes has probably seen some breathtaking original tin ceilings. The features were common in the 19th century when homeowners wanted an inexpensive way to replicate the look of pricey plaster ceilings.

Tin ceilings were made up of metal tiles stamped with a variety of elegant patterns. Today contractors are again getting requests to install Tin Ceiling Tile in Brooklyn NY homes. Clients like the style and the fact that tin ceilings add protection from moisture and fire damage.

Tin Tiles Offer Variety and Style

Clients often choose to install Tin Ceiling Tile in Brooklyn NY homes in order to create a custom look. The square metal tiles that are used to create tin ceilings are individually stamped with a variety of beautiful patterns.

Some of the original historic patterns are still available and manufacturers have added new designs. Tiles are generally made from thin, tin-plated steel and sold in a variety of colors and finishes. Customers can choose white, brass plated, stainless steel, chrome plated and copper tiles.

Tin Ceilings Are Moisture Resistant

Homeowners also choose tin ceilings because they are not affected by moisture. Many owners who are restoring older homes schedule an appointment with a tin ceiling specialist. Contractors will install metal tiles that cover the signs of old water stains and make ceilings resistant to future moisture damage.

Most ceiling materials will deteriorate in damp environments and after flood damage. They often have to be repaired or completely replaced. Durable tin ceilings are waterproof and not affected by mildew or mold.

Tin Ceilings Make Homes Safer

Homeowners today often install tin ceilings in order to get the same safety benefits that 19th-century residents enjoyed. Metal ceiling tiles were originally installed to make homes more fire resistant in an era when candles and fireplaces offered the only light and heat. Modern tin ceilings are still fire resistant. They also strengthen ceilings and do not crack, rot or absorb moisture.

The elegant, patterned tin ceilings that were popular 100 years ago are once again in fashion. Modern homeowners install them in order to add style and to create moisture resistant ceilings. Metal ceilings are also fire resistant and can make ceilings stronger.

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