4 Reasons To Consult a Residential Surveyor Before Buying a Home or Land

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Land Surveyor

When they show a plot of land or a house, the owner may point toward a tree or a fence to indicate where the boundary is, but it’s hard to be certain. Did the owner hire a surveyor, or are they relying on old information? Calling a surveyor before buying a home or land ensures that you know just what you’re purchasing, and it prevents costly disputes in the future. Read on to learn why you should call a residential surveyor in Staten Island, NY.

Many Lenders Require Them Along with title searches and property inspections, many mortgage lenders require home and land buyers to perform property surveys before approving a loan. They just want to be sure that the description on the property’s title matches what’s being purchased. A Surveyor May Point Out Potential Areas of Dispute Many times, buyers put up sheds or fences on what they believe is their land, only to learn that they’ve invaded a neighbor’s space.

A surveyor will tell you where your boundary lies, which prevents expensive litigation and disputes. Owners Aren’t Always Aware of Easements Municipalities and others may have the right to use the property you’re purchasing. Being aware of the presence of an easement that allows neighbors to build driveways or lets utility companies onto the land may help you make the decision whether to buy a property.

Zoning Concerns Municipal and state governments have strict rules on land use. If there’s a zoning violation, such as a building that’s too close to the property line, a residential surveyor in Staten Island, NY, will bring it to your attention before you’re held legally responsible. These are just some of the reasons to call a surveyor when buying a home or a piece of property. Visit us at to learn more or call Rampa Land Surveying P.C. to schedule an estimate. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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