4 Signs That a Building Needs Roof or Commercial Gutter Repair in Peachtree City GA

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Gutter Repair

Commercial roofs are durable, but they require regular maintenance and occasional repair. If one knows what they should look for, they can catch small problems before they get bigger. Many building owners don’t inspect the roof until there’s a problem, but it’s a good idea to inspect commercial roofing at least twice per year. Below are specific signs that warrant an immediate inspection of Commercial Roof and Gutter Repair in Peachtree City GA.

Visible Rust

Time and weather can cause the metal edging on a roof to deteriorate and rust, which compromises the roof’s structural integrity. The roof edging is its main line of defense against the elements, and it’s important to keep it in good shape. When the first signs of deterioration are seen, the building owner should call a contractor right away.


Splitting, blistering, and roof surface wear can cause major issues if left unchecked. Blistering can occur when a hot bituminous roof system is improperly attached, and if it’s not fixed, the roof will age at an accelerated rate. Typically, a roof membrane can last up to 30 years, but blistering and related issues can greatly reduce its lifespan.

Shoddy Materials

If the wrong fasteners are used on metal edging, there’s a greater chance of tear-off during a storm. Some contractors use roofing nails to install edging, but these fasteners don’t have the resistance required to prevent blow-off. Roofing materials’ installation instructions designate the proper fastener, and contractors should follow these instructions carefully. If there’s a wind damage warranty on metal edging and the wrong fasteners are used, the warranty could be voided.

Punctured Membrane

If there’s enough traffic on the rooftop, the membrane may tear or wear prematurely, leading to leaks and other damages. It’s not good to use too much caulk to fix a torn membrane; metal buildings go through cycles of expansion and contraction, and faulty caulking can cause additional damage. If the rooftop is highly trafficked, consider installing extra membrane or a walkway.

Finding the source of a roofing issue should be a building owner’s first priority whether it’s a leak, a damaged membrane, or a problem with the gutters. Companies can provide Commercial Roof and Gutter Repair in Peachtree City GA and prevent further issues from occurring.

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