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5 Big Ideas For Small Bathroom Remodeling in Naples, FL

If you have a smaller than average bathroom you can still make sure that it stands out from the crowd. Your bathroom is your retreat from the world where you can take relaxing baths in peace and quiet. No matter what size your bathroom is, you deserve to enjoy a bathroom that is remodeled to perfection. Below are 5 big ideas when you need small bathroom remodeling service.

Pedal Sinks Save space

Do you have an older bathroom which measures about 5’ by 8’ in size? If so you can benefit from small bathroom remodeling service in Naples, FL tailored to fit your needs. One of the things the contractor may recommend is the trusty pedal sink. In smaller bathrooms, this sink design is simply a lifesaver.

Get rid of closets

One thing that a small bathroom doesn’t need is less space. A small bathroom with closets is just asking to feel cramped and tiny. If you are planning to get small bathroom remodeling service, make sure to ask whether or not your closets can be removed and shelves placed in your bathroom to open up the space and give it greater flow.

Mirrors for space illusion

Mirrors are one of the age old tricks to add space to your bathroom. The right small bathroom remodeling service can install new floor to ceiling mirrors in your bathroom to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space.

Tub to shower conversions

Instead of a tub, consider a walk in shower that creates no harsh end points in your bathroom and instead opens up the space. Tub to shower conversions can be performed easily by your local small bathroom remodeling service.

Lighter colors for more space

This tip is a simple fix and involves using lighter colors to create the look of a whiter and brighter space. You can consider tile that is light in color or marble walls for a luxe finish.

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