A Roofing Contractor in Melbourne, FL Can Improve the Appearance of the Home

by | May 20, 2020 | Roofing

The roof of a house is a composite structure designed to keep the elements out of the building by using multiple layers of materials that have a high resistance to rain, ice and solar radiation. Unfortunately, these materials will break down after a while, and this can allow damage to occur. For instance, when the asphalt in shingles dries out, it allows water to seep under them. As the water causes more damage, further degradation to the roof will occur. A roofing contractor in Melbourne, FL can help by removing the old roofing material and covering the surface with something new.

One example of a quality roofing surface is stamped steel sheets. This is a product with a large variety of design styles such as the ability to simulate cedar shakes, asphalt shingles or the look of clay tiles. A steel roof can last for many decades, and the reason for this is the protective materials they are coated with. There are several choices for this protective function. The first is a zinc galvanized coating, sort of like the material used on chain-link fencing. The next is an alloy of aluminum and zinc, which is useful in heavy salt area such as coastal regions. Finally, there is the fluoropolymer-based paint, a durable coating that can provide steel roofing with a variety of color choices.

If steel doesn’t suit the property owner’s tastes, then there are options such as fiber-cement tiles and laminated shingles. Fiber-cement is a mixture of cellulose, typically wood pulp or sawdust, and Portland cement. These materials are combined and molded into durable tiles that can last for years. Of course, proper installation of fiber-cement tiles will require an experienced roofing contractor in Melbourne, FL so that they don’t come loose during severe winds.

Laminated shingles are an asphalt product made to last for decades. This is possible because the shingle has additional material on the back of the product. This creates a thick, durable shingle that can survive the stress of severe storms and solar radiation. Laminates are easily identifiable from budget grade shingles because the laminated shingle has random shapes. This gives them a unique style and makes each roof look a little different. Visit the site to learn more about roofing options and ways to make the roof look great.

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