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A Sunroom Adds Charm To Any Home

A well designed, well positioned sunroom can add a great deal of charm and character to any home. Sunrooms in San Antonio give the homeowners an opportunity to stay indoors but feel as if they are outdoors. With a sunroom it makes no difference what is happening with the weather outside, inside is always bright and cheerful.

Sunroom design:

There is something very special about a sunroom; there is a feeling of having one foot in the comfort and convenience of indoors while the other foot is enjoying the ambiance of the outdoors. It all starts with location, the position of the room in relation to the house and the yard. Sunrooms that are attached directly to the house are the most common and most useful.

The sunroom will have three sides with panoramic windows while one side will butt against the house. The result is a panoramic view of your garden and allows the entry of sunshine into the room during most of the day. It is this design that gives one the impression that they are actually outside while remaining inside.


Sunrooms in San Antonio are not typical of the rooms in a house, with this being the case they should avoid using flooring materials that are used elsewhere in the home. The best floor surfaces for a sunroom are stone or tile, these are both materials that are associated with terraces and patios; these materials have a tendency to enhance the feeling of actually being outdoors.

Opt for windows that are double glazed and high quality. Design the room in such a way that a great number of windows can be opened, in this way fresh air can waft through the room when the weather is ideal. Lots of windows are ideal but the room can heat up very quickly, plan on installing shades or blinds.

Sunrooms in San Antonio are an ideal home addition that adds living space, a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors while being indoors. To discuss various designs and options you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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