Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Will Keep It Working Properly

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Septic System Service

An aerobic septic system is similar to a traditional one except it requires different maintenance to keep it working properly. An aerobic system injects air into the gray water before it travels into a drain field. When this system is working properly, the water is treated and cleaner when it gets to the drain field.

The constant action that goes on in an aerobic system requires the heads to be cleaned and the solid tank to be regularly checked. The solids from home will be held in a tank and the gray water will drain into a second tank with the aerobic system. Aerobic Septic System Maintenance will include:

  • A predetermined number of visual inspections each year.
  • Tests of chlorine, turbidity, odor, sludge, and scum build up.
  • Inspection of the aerator, lines, irrigation pump, and fittings.
  • Inspection of the irrigation pump station, pressure lines, tanks, pumps, and spray heads.


Maintenance does not usually cover service calls, repair, labor, or materials that could be from misuse, abuse or anything that is not covered under warranty. If an individual turned the electric power off to the system, this type of service would not be covered under a maintenance agreement. Chemicals should never be put into a drain because it can also affect a maintenance contract.

There are required annual BOD and TSS laboratory tests. These tests are not covered as part of a maintenance contract. Aerobic Septic System Maintenance will include bacterial and chlorine tablets, reporting inspections to the county and will ensure an owner is compliant with the county requirements.

Septic Pumping

When the solids tank is full, an owner will have to have it pumped. With a maintenance agreement, the technician will measure the solids and keep an owner informed when their tank needs to be cleaned. There is no specific amount of time that can determine when a tank needs to be pumped. The number of people in a home and the size of the tank will help to determine how often it should be pumped.

There is no reason why a septic system should turn into a hazardous situation when proper maintenance is performed. Please visit website domain for more information. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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