Are You in Need of New Roof Installation in Gainesville, FL?

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Roofing

Over the years, any home takes its fair share of wear and tear. Whether it’s your windows showing signs of aging, your flooring, or your roof, knowing when the time has arrived to make the necessary upgrades is important. If you’ve called for a roof inspection only to discover the suggested course of actions is to upgrade your home by installing a new roof, you will find yourself with a few decisions to make. If you need new roof installation in Gainesville, FL, then the time has come to finally do the upgrades you’ve always wanted.

Types of Roofs

If you’ve been told you need new roof installation in Gainesville, FL, you’ll soon realize you have a few choices lying ahead of you. Do you plan on sticking with the same type of roof you currently have or is making a change an option? Which type of roof is best suited for you? Shingles roofs are of course, one of the most popular. Metal roofs are the favorite of many, and often considered quite durable. Others prefer the look of a tiled roof, while some dream of a flat roof. Whichever roof you choose, the right installers will make your home look amazing.


Of course, the most important decision you will make is choosing who will handle your new roof installation in Gainesville, FL area. For something so important, trusting just anyone to handle your service isn’t advisable. Checking reviews online and doing the proper research is the best way of choosing the right installation team for your needs. Experience, great customer service, competitive prices, and availability are all aspects you should investigate before making your final decision. If you need a new roof, check out the team at The Duffield Home Improvements on their website to learn what they have to offer.

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