What to Ask Concrete Contractors in Sturgis, MI

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Concrete is used for driveways, bridges, and parking lots. If you’re trying to have your driveway or parking lot repaired, you need to ask concrete contractors a few questions before you make your decision. The most common questions are the most important to ask, for they will let you know how much you might need to spend, how long it will take, and what to expect. Asking questions is important; for some reason, people often clam up when it comes to contractors. They neglect to ask any questions and just accept whatever the contractors tell them.

Can it Be Repaired?

Unless you are changing your driveway for aesthetic purposes, you need to ask professional concrete contractors in Sturgis, MI if your driveway can be repaired. Concrete has a habit of cracking and staining over time; however, that doesn’t mean it’s beyond repair though. There are many ways to repair concrete and protect it in the future. If you want to save some money, you should ask the contractor if it can be repaired.

Excell Paving Plus uses a wide range of products that penetrate beyond just the top layer of the concrete to help it stay in good shape. Concrete has pores that allow moisture and dirt to collect. If professional contractors can seal the concrete, it will not be damaged nearly as quickly in the future.

What Kinds of Concrete?

Concrete contractors work with more than just one kind of concrete. There is smooth concrete that is plan in color and texture. There is also concrete that is colored if you want to change the look of your driveway. You can also choose concrete with aggregated stones in it. Concrete is made of pulverized stones; aggregate leaves some of those stones in partial form for added texture and aesthetics. These are just a few of the things you should ask concrete contractors.

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