Beautiful Wilmington, NC, Has a History of Deadly Hurricanes

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Construction and Maintenance

Positioned along the Atlantic Coast as well as along the banks of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC, the city has been named as the “Best American Riverfront” by USA Today. First settled in the 1720s, this historic city has also been listed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

There is very little historical hurricane data prior to 1700, but there are a few storms that were documented by the Roanoke Colony. One controversial theory explaining why the Roanoke Colony disappeared include a hurricane destroying the settlement.

The most deadly hurricane in North Carolina history occurred in 1857, resulting in 424 deaths. The “Independence Hurricane” of 1775 resulted in 163 deaths. In the modern era, in 1999 Hurricane Floyd killed 57 people. The worst hurricane to hit the Wilmington area recently was Hurricane Fran in 1996, which blew in as a Category 3.

Today, rolldown shutters in Wilmington, NC, are an important, modern protection against hurricane damage. These shutters not only provide protection against high winds, they also blend with all styles of architecture. However, Colonial-style shutters for hurricane protection are also popular for the historic buildings in Wilmington.

Covering the windows and doors of your Wilmington home with hurricane shutters is essential; you not only want to protect your property, but also your family. Hurricane-force winds can blow out windows, sending shards of broken glass blasting through your home. Also, installing hurricane shutters will significantly increase the value of your home.

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