Building Green for the Future

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There are a lot of great reasons to look into green construction in Greenwich CT, not the least of which is that your decisions now will impact the lives of future generations. Making our daily lives more efficient, including our homes, is an important first step towards a more environmentally aware society. However, it takes some expertise to navigate the various certifications and standards critical for you to garner the more immediate benefits provided by government incentive programs.

There are many certifications and associations you should look for in your contractors’ portfolios. For example, in terms of recommended minimum requirements you should look for a company that is certified lead free by the EPA. LEED certifications display a familiarity with the most widely respected standards for green construction practices. Others have more specific meanings, like knowledge of passive house design. This simply means that the construction is done with special focus on reduction in energy, and national institutions concerned with this concept offer special design tools and forums to their constituent companies. To access any of these concepts for your next project, you’ll need someone with knowledge and experience to show you the way.

That’s where Apex Construction Management comes in. As an expert in green construction in Greenwich CT and the surrounding area for years, the company is an expert in the green building techniques and standards most relevant to this specific region of New England. The experienced leadership team has been taking personal interest in green practices since 2002, and the Principal holds a LEED AP certification.

There’s a lot more to gain from environmentally conscious building practices other than peace of mind and knowledge you’re making an ethical choice. You’ll also get a lower energy bill by incorporating smart features like advanced insulation and windows. Not only that, but green construction in Greenwich CT is excellent for preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings by making sure you have as little impact as possible.

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