Carmel Stone Imports in Northern California

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

If you live in coastal California and you seek the most beautiful and unique stone imports you are totally in the right place at the right time. Carmel Stone Imports has everything about which you dream to beautify your home in all areas of stone imported from quarries in the most unusual places across the globe. If you seek Home Design Ideas in Palo Alto, CA or Travertine Tile in Santa Cruz, CA we can help.

Carmel Stone Imports specializes in both natural and engineered stone products. If you can think of a location from around the world, chances are good that we import stone from there. Some of the most stone products come from Jerusalem and areas of Italy. We import great quantities of marble from Italy in many forms.

Many people love marble stone but do they actually know what marble is? Marble is a very unique natural stone that is created by deposits of natural limestone. The limestone then becomes crystallized because of heat and pressure upon it. This makes marble turn into the unusual patterns in which it presents. The unique colors and patterns have swirls that never present twice with the same qualities. The marble we import comes not only from Italy but from mines in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil.

Carmel Stone Imports has locations in a number in areas of Northern California. We love these areas and are delighted to live where we work. We have three large showrooms and Warehouse facilities in Carmel, Palo Alto, and Sand City.

If you are interested in Home Design Ideas in Palo Alto, CA or Travertine Tile in Santa Cruz, CA please visit our website today.

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