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Choosing the Best Hand Dryers

When you want to put hand dryers in your bathrooms, you will want to start by choosing the right size and features to meet your needs. The best hand dryers are those who have the capacity that you need, fits in the space you have and has all the features that you want. It’s not as easy as it sounds to get all these elements right, so luckily there are a lot to choose from as well as information to read up on. You can even find some manufacturers and vendors with informational blogs on their sites to help you determine which features and sizes will work the best for your needs.

Choose the Size

The size of the hand dryers will depend on both the physical dimensions of the unit as well as how much power it brings to the task of drying hands. The best hand dryers will be able to provide enough airflow to dry hands without making your power bill skyrocket; they will also fit in the space to move the restroom flow better. This makes it easier to customize the size and look of your hand dryer to fit the aesthetic of your restroom. It also makes it easier to manage the traffic flow in multi-stall restrooms and to have multiple dryers as opposed to only having large, bulky units to choose from.

Choose the Features

Some of the different features you can choose from including the air speed, the sound level and the dry time. This can help you get people in and out of a smaller restroom more quickly with more room to maneuver than your current system. Each model will have a unique set of these features and a few colors to choose from, so you can compare different units side-by-side and find the right one for your space. You can even find manufacturers and vendors who post these features in an easy-to-compare format to help you choose the right combination for your needs.

The best hand dryers for your space will be the ones with the right size profile, air speed and other features for your space. This can include everything from the price to the way that the dryer is activated and can usually be found in an easy-to-compare format on the websites of various manufacturers and vendors. You can find most of this information online and even compare different models side-by-side online to find the very best. Visit for more details.

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