Clever Maintenance Tips for Your Roofing in Rochester MN

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Roofing

A durable roofing system is the bedrock of a functional home. This structure serves numerous purposes including protection from outdoor elements and wildlife. To ensure that a roofing system functions right, it’s important to perform regular maintenance. Since roof work can be dangerous, it’s necessary to implement practical safety precautions to prevent an injury. The following tips can be used for roof work.

Before doing work on Roofing in Rochester MN, make sure you wear the right clothing. Wearing loose clothing can be hazardous if it gets caught on anything. Also, avoid wearing dangly jewelry that can get caught on parts of the roof. It’s important to wear the right shoes for climbing onto a rooftop. Improper footwear can make it hard to maintain traction on a roof. Many retail stores offer lightweight shoes with slip-resistant soles for a low price. An individual can also use shoe covers designed to enhance tread. This can help safeguard against slips and slides.

Working on Roofing in MN Rochester with a partner is preferable. A helper can help steady a ladder and hand supplies to the person working on the roof. This person should ideally stand on the ground or on the first few steps of the ladder from the ground. Don’t stand with another person on the ladder, as this may exceed the weight limit of the ladder. Always test the sturdiness of a ladder before using it. Firmly tug on the rails and rungs. Always follow instructions on warning labels placed on the ladder. Make sure any locking mechanism is firmly in place and used correctly. When climbing onto a steep roof, consider using a ladder system to make the job safer.

Doing any kind of roof work involves a certain risk. This hazard can be lessened by using these simple suggestions. Doing this will make it easier to perform safe and efficient maintenance or repairs. When roof work is beyond your capabilities or you simply need an expert opinion, please talk to a roof specialist at Steve Gentry Construction. This group of roof specialists can handle numerous services for roofing, siding, garages, and much more.

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