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Commercial and Residential Fencing Options in the Chicago Metro Area

Residential Fences

When selecting a custom fence for your house, you could consider an array of traditional designs that provide security and aesthetic appeal. Made of durable metal that resists harsh outdoor conditions, the ornamental iron fencing adds traditional charm to your residential property. Having deliberate gaps, the wrought iron design also provides some level of visibility of the adjacent road and other features near your home. If you want more privacy around your residential lot, choose a wooden fence that comes in a wide range of textures and grain patterns. When hiring a fence contractor in Skokie, you could select the desirable height of the solid wooden fence for enhanced tranquility and peace of mind. Some other common styles of residential fencing include chain link and vinyl.

Commercial Fences

If you hire a fence contractor in Skokie for your commercial property, you’ll want to prioritize security. Barbed wire and razors are readily available for installation around the entire perimeter of a private lot. Made of steel, the wires and razors provide reliable protection against trespassing and other unauthorized access. Having slanted geometry, the bars at the top of security fences also discourage and prevent climbing. Commercial fencing units should be combined with custom signs that include warnings and other important information about the secured site. Additionally, some of the wired fencing could be marked in unique colors to attract attention.

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