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Commercial Construction In Colorado Is Going Green

Commercial construction in Colorado has finally seen the light and is beginning to understand what the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, means when it states its definition of sustainable commercial construction. The UN Commission on Environment and Development are on the same page, both agree that it is “construction that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Let’s face it, without clean air, pure water and resources there may not be a future generation.

The goal of sustainable or green construction is rather simplistic; it strives to reduce consumption and pollutants from the building’s construction to destruction, cradle to grave so to speak. Commercial construction in Colorado is beginning to do this, they are recognizing that green building construction is not impossible with today’s technology. We already have what it takes to have a positive impact on energy consumption, efficiency in water usage, solid waste reduction, indoor air quality improvement and the use of sustainable materials which come from recycled waste.

Environmental awareness has been with us for many years, even the plantation manor houses were built to moderate indoor temperatures with their physical location and central corridor for wind tunnel effect. Look at photographs of the main streets in American cities from the early 20th century, the awnings over the front windows are there for more than advertising, they are there to act as solar protection. Commercial construction in Colorado got a big boost with the Greening of the White House project in 1993 which has been saving the taxpayers $300,000 a year since in energy consumption, water consumption, landscaping expense and solid waste reduction. The carbon emission reduction of this one project has amounted to 845 tons a year. These are the types of successes that have got the nations contractors buzzing about green construction.

Big, flat roofed commercial structures in America occupy more than 75 billion square feet of space. They account for 40% of the total energy consumed, 68% of the electricity generated, and 12% of the water and add 38% of the total carbon dioxide emissions. These are quantifiable numbers but the commercial construction in Charleston, IL green construction advocates know there is more to the story. The roof area contributes to urban runoff sending pollutants into the waterways and with America being a disposable society; the landfills are rapidly being exhausted with tons of waste from demolition and new construction, 136 million tons to be exact.

Business owners and commercial construction in Colorado contractors who make a commitment to green construction are also making a statement to their customers and shareholders that they take their ecological responsibilities serious and they are thinking of the long term health and welfare of their employees. The initial construction costs may be higher, that is a given, but in the long run these elevated costs are more than offset with energy savings and reduced operational and maintenance expenses.

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