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Consult a Roofing Company in Loveland CO for Installation Advice

A home’s roof is built from durable materials, and it doesn’t receive much attention until problems arise. However, it’s best not to wait until disaster strikes to learn the essentials of roofing. For veteran and first-time homeowners alike, the guide below can provide help in roof maintenance and replacement.

Materials Matter

The homeowner’s choice of roofing materials should complement the home’s style and the local climate. Choosing the right materials is a big step in ensuring the long, hassle-free life of a roof

  • Asphalt shingles are tough, simple to install, available in many colors, and inexpensive. Not surprisingly, they are the most commonly used roof covering in the U.S. These roofs can last 25 years or longer with proper care.
  • Wood shingles are a popular choice in some areas. They offer a rustic appearance, and they have a lifespan comparable to that of an asphalt shingle roof. However, the price can be three times higher.
  • Slate is a natural, heavy material that can last a century or more, but it costs up to 20 times more than asphalt shingles.
  • Steel, copper, and aluminum roofs are weather resistant, fire resistant and durable. They can be molded or pressed to simulate other roof covering types.


Whichever materials the homeowner chooses, a roofing company in Loveland CO should install some safeguards to prevent potential problems. Proper ventilation is key in ensuring a roof’s longevity. Without it, moisture and heat can build up and cause structural damage. Leaks are another catastrophe to avoid. Flashing should be installed under the roofing at points where materials meet, such as around chimneys, vents, and skylights.

Critical Maintenance

Homeowners should think of the area’s climate when choosing a new roof. The elements have a direct effect on the roof’s lifespan and performance. Rainwater can get under shingles and cause the decking to rot. Even a stiff wind can lift the edges of shingles and cause breakage. If it hasn’t already been started, an inspection program with a roofing company in Loveland CO like Loveland Roofing LLC can find small problems before they become big and expensive hassles. Visit Loveland Roofing LLC for more information on roofing company in Loveland CO.

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