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Cracked Foundation Repair In Mississippi Can Eliminate Leaking And Improve Stability

Foundations can crack due to a variety of reasons. Determining the correct fix for the problem requires the experience a foundation repair company. Cracked Foundation Repair in Mississippi should be performed as soon as possible after the cracks have appeared. Some telltale signs could be bulging or buckling of foundation walls. Diagonal cracking or stair steps showing on the block or brick. Vertical or horizontal wall cracks can appear at the foundation level or within the home on the sheet rock. The top of the wall may appear to be sliding in within a home which is another sign a foundation needs to be repaired.

Each crack has a different meaning and a company experienced in cracked foundation repair in Mississippi needs to contact. Small cracks can appear as a foundation cures. These types of cracks are normal, and a homeowner should not be concerned. If the cracks in the wall are from shifting due to foundation settlement, piers may have to be installed. Foundation settling can cause a chimney to tilt or lean. Doors and windows that stick or jam are also signs a foundation is settling. Settling occurs when the dirt below a foundation cannot support the weight of a home. This is when piers should be installed, or underpinning should be performed to a deeper layer of dirt.

Piers can extend deep into the soil with a more solid base. Foundation push piers attach to the foundation and extend into the strong soil. This type of repair can be performed throughout the year. Foundation brackets will be secured to the tubular pier sections and are driven into the ground through the use of hydraulics. Once the piers meet competent strata, the pier is finished. The weight of the home will be transferred to the piers to support the home. They will also raise the home back to the level it was intended to be.

Attempting to level a home on your own can be incredibly dangerous. Only a highly trained and experienced foundation repair company should perform this type of work. If you notice cracks in your home or foundation, Ewing & Ray Foundation Services Inc. can suggest affordable solutions to stabilize a home.

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