Deciding on Replacement or Roof Repair in Waukesha, WI

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Roofing

Every roof will deteriorate and eventually need replacement, but many homeowners don’t know whether to choose re-roofing or repairs. If the roof is replaced too soon, it’s a waste of money. If the owner waits too long, they risk roof leaks and other damage. Here, home and business owners can get some tips that will help them make the right decision.

The Roof’s Age

This is one of the most vital considerations to make in the repair vs. replacement debate. Asphalt shingles have a 15-30 year lifespan. If only part of the roof is damaged, roof repair in Waukesha, WI may be the way to go. However, if the roof is at or near the end of its useful life, replacement may be the better option.


If the roof has a leak, a professional inspection will help the owner determine its extent. In many cases, a roof may leak along a flashing point. When a leak is relatively isolated, quick repairs may be all that are needed, but if there are multiple leaks, replacement is the right call.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If a homeowner opts for replacement, they may find that the quality or type of materials they choose can make them eligible for a discount on homeowner’s insurance. Fire, wind and hail-resistant materials can sometimes result in lower rates, so ask the roofer and an insurance agent for details.


As a homeowner considers the cost of roof repairs vs. replacement, they may be able to add another shingle layer over the current roof rather than starting from the bottom. However, removing the old shingle layer can allow the roofer to inspect the roof decking while adding a water-shielding membrane at the eaves.

Additional Expenses

When homeowners consider replacing their roofs, they should think of the hidden costs, which can include landscaping repairs and gutter replacements. A reliable roofer will provide an estimate that includes all project costs.

Roof repair in Waukesha, WI is usually cheaper than replacement, but they tend to be short-term fixes. A new roof is a substantial investment, but it can last for several decades. No matter which way a homeowner goes, if they make the right decision, they won’t have to worry about damage and leaks during storm season. Visit website for more details or to schedule an inspection.

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