Discover Your Options for New Roofing in Franklin

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Roofing

The majority of homes in the region use some type of asphalt or composition shingles as their roofing material. The reason that’s true is those materials tend to be the most affordable. However, there have been changes in the types and quality levels of roofing products over the years. Before deciding to simply replace an existing roof with a very similar material, it pays to discuss the various options for roofing in Franklin with an expert.

Color Matters

While some basic roofing colors have remained substantially the same over the years, more options are now available than ever before. That means it’s now possible to upgrade the look and feel of a home by choosing one of the new, trendy colors that are attracting attention from homeowners and potential home buyers. In many cases, even a slightly different shade of brown, for example, will alter the entire look of a home. If you’re unsure which colors are garnering all the attention today, ask the roofing experts for recommendations.

Textures Change Everything

In the past, traditional three-tab shingles dominated the roofing market, and that option is still available today. However, three-tab shingles are flat, meaning they lack any type of depth. Today, higher-quality shingles are available that mimic the look of cedar shakes, slate, and other materials. The color of the shingle varies, providing a look that simply isn’t possible to attain with three-tab shingles. If that thought is appealing, there are even more benefits to upgrading to higher-quality shingles.

New Options Stand the Test of Time

The three-tab shingles of the past generally lasted anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years, depending on their quality and maintenance. Modern higher-quality architectural and designer shingles are manufactured to last quite a few years longer. In addition, the high-quality options are less prone to suffering damage. When discussing roofing repairs or replacements with a contractor, ask about upgrading to a high-quality shingle.

Opt for Repairs Whenever Possible

Experts providing roofing in Franklin will, as a rule, always recommend repairing a roof when it’s feasible. The costs are moderate, and the repairs will last for years when properly made. For an evaluation of your roof repair or replacement needs, go to website

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