Do Not Take Chances in the Bathroom

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

As you get older, you find it is not as easy to get around as it once was. A bathroom can suddenly feel like you have walked into a danger zone. If you look at statistics, a lot of accidents have happened in the bathroom. This could be from lack of hand rails, or perhaps not enough room to get a mobility device in the bathroom with you. Some people cannot easily climb or bend or they have more restricted movements. This can become a problem when you try to sit down on the toilet or climb into a tub. With these types of problems you will have an increased risk of falling and injuring yourself in the restroom. By making a few modifications to the bathroom, you can decrease these types of risks and make it easier to get around in the restroom.

A Different Type of Tub

Of course, there are many tubs you can get for your restroom, but there is a specific tub that makes it easier without having to climb. A walk-in style tub makes it possible to take a bath without the risk of injury from climbing. If you do not like to take baths you can also consider a stand up shower that has a very small ledge compared to most. This is made so you can simply take one step over a small ledge and easily be in the shower. Walk-in bathtub in Pittsburg can be installed efficiently and quickly, letting you enjoy taking hot baths again. These types of tubs and showers will allow you to keep your independence while making your life easier for you in the bathroom.

Consider Other Options

If you are finding it more difficult to get around, you can ask a contractor what other services they can offer you. Some contractors can make other accommodations for you, such as a lower or higher toilet. They could also lower cabinets, sinks, vanities and put in mounted handrails where you would need them the most. There is no need to take a chance in falling when you can have your bathroom redone to help you maintain your independence. Most bathrooms today make it almost impossible for you to take your walker or wheelchair into the bathroom with you. When you hire a contractor, they can come up with innovative ideas that make it possible to have your walker or wheelchair in the restroom with you. These accommodations don’t have to be only for your restroom. You can have Business name design your kitchen the same way.

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