Eliminate Roofing Concerns Using an Experienced Roofing Contractor

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Roofing

Variance in weather conditions can wreak havoc on a roof. Strong winds such as those from a tornado can pull off the roof covering or damage it to the point that leaks may occur. A roofing contractor in Cambridge MA area can help by removing the damaged roofing or repairing any loose shingles. This task should be handled as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the roof structure or decking.

One way to ensure the roof is always ready for the next storm is to have an experienced Roofing Contractor inspect it occasionally. That is, the roof should be thoroughly checked out any time there is a chance of storm damage. This is mostly due to the hidden damage that a storm can cause. For example, strong winds can loosen asphalt shingles just enough that water can creep underneath them. This can be a serious issue during the winter because water under the shingles could freeze and force them further apart. This cycle will continue until the water can get beneath the roofing and damage the decking.

The typical roof uses a man-made material for decking purposes. These products tend to be plywood or OSB (oriented strand board), and they don’t handle water all that well. In fact, OSB tends to handle this issue worse than plywood because there is little to support the wood fibers it is made from. Plywood uses veneers to handle this task with at least two on either side. Some versions of plywood will have a center layer as well while others simply use a filling of wood fibers and resins.

Eventually, no matter how well maintained, the roof will fail and require a roofing contractor, to replace it. When this happens, it may be time to consider the alternatives. The most common roofing solution for a home is the three-tab, asphalt shingle. This is a budget product with a rather short service life, typically between ten to twenty years, when compared to most of the available options. For instance, steel roofing can last for more than fifty years and fiber-cement tiles for at least thirty.

However, most homeowners prefer asphalt products and this narrows their options to laminated shingles or composite ones. These two products are often warranted for the life of the home and should easily handle most storms. Licensed Roofing Contractor Cambridge MA, Carroll & Sons Inc., can provide you with plenty of advice and information about the choices available, as well as complete your project to a high standard. To find out more about their services, or to get a FREE estimate for your roofing, guttering or siding requirements, call (617) 625-8334.

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