Excavator Compactor Attachments are Cost-Effective and Durable

by | May 13, 2019 | Construction Industry

At Business Name, we understand the need for contractors to maximize productivity when it comes to excavator compactor operations. Any type of downtime or loss in hours involved in changing attachments is time that could be spent accomplishing other important and more profitable tasks.

Compactor Attachments for Excavators

We design and manufacture attachments for excavator compactors that provide the operators the capability to work with a single attachment for the operations of digging, placing lifts, and compacting. This provides the operator with excellent control to carry out the job independently without the need for a man in the trench or the requirement to move back and forth between a compaction attachment and a digging bucket.

We provide various attachment options, including axle repair assemblies, bolt on cutting lips, replacement ears, custom ears, replaceable scraper teeth, adapter and tooth kits, in addition to other custom or specialty equipment you may require.

Vibratory Compaction Buckets

Regardless of the compaction method you choose, you can only get the versatility you need from high quality compaction buckets – and we offer these at Business Name. We have the bucket you need if you need a device that works well with granular material or conditions that are wet and sandy.

Roller Compaction Buckets

The roller compaction buckets we offer at Business Name provide maximum efficiency for the machine and the operator. You can increase your productivity with the use of a Business Name roller compaction bucket. Remember, time equals money. You can minimize the time of your operations with our 2-in-1 compacting and backfill attachment with sealed journal axle bearings and bearings internally lubricated with oil.

Wheel Compactors

We offer three styles of Business Name wheel compactors to deliver high-performance compaction for various types of compaction requirements and soil types. The three designs function well in cohesive and granular soils, providing 95% plus density with no required greasing as a result of the sealed journal axle bearings system. Options with these wheel compactors include bolt on ear assembly, bolt on leveling blade, and linkage pins.

Vibratory Plate Compactors

We also offer our Vibratory Play compactors available in six models that accommodate carrier weights ranging from 3,000 to 150,000 pounds.

We offer linkage pins, custom footpads, weld on ear assemblies, OEM bolt on ear assemblies, and quick coupler lugs. With all units, flow regulators are provided. This helps with the management of pressure, control flow, oil flow direction, and regenerations.

All of these units include oil splash bearings that are maintenance free.

For additional information about the excavator compactor attachments we offer, give us a call today at 800.221.5427. Alternatively, use our contact form to send us a message or request a quote from our website.

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