Experienced Brick Masonry Restoration in Boston MA

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Brick masonry restoration in Boston MA requires skill and experience to bring buildings, walls, stairs, and entryways back to their original beauty and strength. Many techniques are used to restore brick and stone, so experience is useful when determining which method will work best for any project. A lot of brick buildings in Boston are of historical significance, and proper restoration requires accuracy. Pre-cast moldings, for example, have to be created using the right materials to match the rest of the building style. Ingredients and mixtures for making specific bricks or mortar that are the same used two-hundred years ago are essential for appropriate historical restorations.

One commonly used method to restore the integrity of the building is repointing. In many cases, brick masonry restoration in Boston MA is needed due to the crumbling and deterioration of the mortar holding the bricks in place, rather than the bricks themselves. Some brickwork may be needed, but bricks will last hundreds of years without needing restoration under normal circumstances. The mortar will only last a few decades at best. Repointing is the process of removing the mortar to a certain depth, and replacing it with new mortar to secure the bricks. Matching the materials provides a better restoration and a more elegant look. Another way to restore brick buildings is to have them power washed professionally. That has to be done carefully because too much pressure can crumble or dislodge the mortar, and wear down bricks. That can result in leaking and lead to more extensive repairs.

Restoring facades that are not historical can be done using brick veneers. The original brick is covered with a layer of waterproof material, and thin brick veneers are attached to the building. Layers of insulation can also be added to the building before the veneers go up. That provides increased energy efficiency, and will lower utility costs for the building. The look is stunning, and the time and expense is a fraction of what completely residing the building with full bricks would cost. Home and business owners can find more information regarding restoration techniques, other masonry services provided, custom designs for walls patios, and driveways, and chimney repairs.

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