Features of a Custom Tudor-Style Home Constructed by a McCall, ID Builder

by | May 8, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

A high-end custom home builder in McCall, ID can construct a residence in the English Tudor style for clients who love this design. These houses are often characterized by a sense of elegance with a focus on traditional architecture. For various reasons, the English Tudor style is an excellent choice for a mountain home.

Steeply Pitched Roofs

The McCall area receives a lot of snow throughout the winter. The steeply pitched roofs of Tudor-style homes are advantageous in this climate. If the client prefers, a custom home builder in McCall, ID can include a metal roof so snow simply slides off. Today’s metal roofing products have so much variety that it’s easy to find a style that fits the Tudor design. For instance, metal roofing can look like slate shingles.


Half-timbering involves building the house with the structural timbers visible and filling in the spaces with brick or stucco. This technique creates a striking visual effect that fits well with a mountainous rural environment.

Exterior Stone Features

Another exterior feature of these homes is the stone accent. Builders often incorporate natural stone into the foundation and chimneys. Columns and archways also can include these features. The material boosts the impression of solidity and permanence, and it also helps the house blend in with the Rocky Mountain landscape.

Interior Stone Features

Inside, fireplaces could have stone hearths. If the house has a wood stove, the area around the device might be constructed with this material. A high-end home might include a stone wall alongside a stairway.

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