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How to Find the Best Bathroom Hand Dryers

When searching for bathroom hand dryers, customers are often surprised by the range of models and options available. Whether seeking an economic, no-strings model or a deluxe version, there are several issues for clients to keep in mind.

Purposes and Intents

Customers should consider their specific needs when purchasing dryers. Budgeting issues are the most common factor, and most manufacturers offer a wide range of models priced economically. These models often provide the same functions as the higher-end models, for a fraction of the cost.

For spaces such as convention centers or airports, or any public area that serves a wide segment of the population, hand dryers may need to be ADA-compliant. In response to this, manufacturers offer models that are designed to be installed at a height that’s acceptable to those in wheelchairs or who are differently abled.

Location is Key

In schools, play areas or other spaces frequented by children, it’s best to place bathroom hand dryers where they are easily accessible to children. Silent or reduced-noise models may be used in libraries, offices or in areas where the noise level is a concern.

For high-traffic areas, durability and safety may be a concern. To this end, some manufacturers offer dryers that are sturdy, with vandal-resistant screws or other protective options. If space is at a premium, some space-saver or compact models may be appropriate, since these require a smaller footprint. No matter which model is used, the majority of dryers are maintenance-free, and most newer models don’t use chemicals in the drying process, making them safer for the environment.

Options Abound

For clients who are looking for more stylish products, there are certainly options available, such as stainless steel finishes or adjustable time cycles. Installation options may also differ depending on the client’s needs. The dryers may be installed either flush with the existing walls, or optional recess kits may be used, depending on the area’s configuration. Also, when older models are removed from bathrooms, there is sometimes damage to the woodwork due to improper installation. If this happens, many manufacturers offer adapter plates, which can be used to cover and conceal mounting holes.

No matter the model, most customers are seeking a product that thoroughly dries hands. Bathroom hand dryers can provide the ultimate blend of speed and heat, at a fraction of the cost of paper towels. It’s a low-cost option, environmentally responsible option that is virtually maintenance-free.

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