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by | Feb 15, 2017 | Roofing

When the roof fails, it can expose the home to all kinds of weather damage. For instance, loose, cracked or curling shingles may let water seep under them, and this moisture can turn to ice when the temperature falls. The freezing water quickly expands, and the force of the expansion can loosen the shingles even further. Eliminating this particular problem can be difficult because Roofing contractors in Waukesha, WI need to check the whole roof for loose or damaged shingles. Of course, it is possible to discover roofing issues such as these before they develop into major problems by letting expert roofers perform an inspection.

There are two commonly used roofing types. The first is the flat or low sloped roof that is found on many larger buildings. This kind of roof may also be used on smaller structures such as garages. A flat roof will usually be covered using the BUR (built-up roofing) method, which consists of several layers of roofing felt and asphalt that is held in place with a ballast material such as gravel. The other type of roof is a sloped or pitched roof, sometimes known as a gabled roof. The pitch will vary with the design of the building and can be quite steep. A few buildings even take advantage of both roofing types with BUR hidden on the top of the structure and shingles on the steep, outward facing sides.

Sloped roofs have a variety of options when it comes to coverings. For example, there are clay tiles and fiber cement tiles that can give a roof a distinctive look. Roofing contractors in Waukesha, WI can also install slate or cedar shake to create a beautiful, historical appearance. However, many homes will use more common materials such as composition shingles or metal products such as formed steel. A bit of care is required when purchasing asphalt shingles because there is a huge array of roofing products available and they are not always made the same. Quality composites such as laminated shingles can provide a roof covering that handles harsh weather extremely well, and class 4 products are capable of reducing the damage caused by hail.

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