Get Rid of Roofing Problems With Reliable Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The function of the roof is to protect the building from damage such as water leaking in and destroying the ceilings. Unfortunately, many homeowners give little thought to the roof until a problem develops. This can be a bad situation because the cost of repairs for a failing roof are more than the fees for replacing the roof before things go wrong. In fact, quality Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX can prevent some costly problems such as replacing any ruined decking or the destroyed drywall on a ceiling.

The first step in locating a problem is to have an experienced contractor inspect the roof. Things that they will examine include the condition of the shingles, quality of any caulking around flashing or vents and the interior surfaces of the roof for signs of water. As asphalt shingles age, they can develop a variety of faults including cupping, curling, and cracking. These can result from solar radiation which dries out the oils in the shingle. Curling is where the ends or edges of the shingles turn upwards due to the effects of drying. Cupping is when the ends of the shingle bow up in the middle and can have several causes. Cracking can occur when the material is extremely dry or thin. Another cause of some cracks is when the roofer uses the shingles that have been spliced together during the manufacturing process.

Thankfully, most roofers toss these shingles, Of course; there are alternatives for Residential Roofing in Weatherford TX such as fiber-cement tiles and steel. Fiber-cement tiles are made from a mixture of cellulose and Portland cement. This combination creates a durable product that is very weather resistant. Fiber-cement tiles are similar to the siding products made from the same material. The typical service life for fiber-cement tiles is about thirty years. Steel roofing may be the best option for many residential applications because it has a very long service life. The options include overlapping panels that provide a more commercial appearance or stamped sheets that can resemble almost any other roofing type. One benefit to the use of steel is the ability to place this material over an existing asphalt roof. However, it will require the help of a professional to determine if the roof is reliable enough to handle the task. Contact Texas Energy Savers for more information about residential roof repairs and replacement.

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