Getting Ready for a Residential Paving Contractor in Mount Vernon, WA

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Asphalt Contractor

After scheduling work to be done by a residential paving contractor in Mount Vernon, WA, you’ll want to take several steps to make sure you’re fully prepared for the project. Certain inconveniences will have to be addressed, and you may want somebody at home while the work is ongoing.

Parking Cars

Until the residential paving contractor in Mount Vernon, WA, has completed the asphalt placement, and the blacktop has been allowed to completely set, you won’t be able to use your driveway. All vehicles in the household must be parked somewhere else unless they can stay in the garage the entire time. If your city doesn’t allow street parking overnight, perhaps neighbors will allow you to park a vehicle on their property.

Staying Home

If everyone in your household is normally away at work or school, you must decide whether somebody should stick around while the workers are there. You may want the ability to monitor the project while it is ongoing and to quickly answer any questions the contractor might have. You may have questions of your own to ask.

Points of Courtesy

Anything that could be in their way, such as trash cans, should be moved. Some extra points of courtesy are also appreciated by the paving contractors. You might want to set out a cooler that contains bottled water and soft drinks in ice. Providing some snacks like chips and cookies is another possibility. These courteous actions obviously are not required, but the workers enjoy it when customers are so thoughtful.

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