Getting Roof Repair in Franklin After a Home Inspection Finds Problems

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Roofing

When people shopping for real estate want to buy a particular house, they commonly make an offer contingent on the results of a home inspection. That inspection can identify problems such as a need for roof repair in Franklin. The current homeowner has the option of getting the repairs done or making a counter-offer that lowers the sale price. Another possibility is offering cash back from the sale so the buyer can afford to pay for the repairs. That can be a convenient solution for both the buyer and the seller when the sale price is too high for the buyer to have a cash for improvements.

To find indications of a need for roof repair in Franklin, the inspector searches for evidence of leaks. These may be minor issues that the current homeowner never even noticed. A bit of rainwater may have trickled directly to the basement, for instance, or left a tiny stain on the ceiling of a closet. Sometimes leaking is evident in an attic that the homeowner never looks in. The inspector also usually walks on the roof to observe the condition unless the pitch is too steep for safety or the roof is too far off the ground to reach with a regular extension ladder.

Getting repair work done as soon as possible is advisable. If rain is predicted in the immediate future, a roofing contractor can secure a tarp over the problem area until the weather is more cooperative. This also can be done if the prospective buyer decides to cancel the contingent offer and the current homeowner doesn’t want to pay out of pocket for repairs. It should be noted that trying to sell a house with a tarp over part of the roof may be very difficult unless the price is reduced significantly from the original listing.

A contractor such as the H.E. Parmer Company can do repair projects after a home inspector finds problems with a roof that don’t require complete roofing replacement. If the inspection uncovers more substantial issues, this contractor can replace the entire roof. Visit the website for more information.

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