How to Hire Tenant Improvement Contractors in Colorado Springs

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

Professional tenant improvement contractors provide value and keep expenses in check for their clients. When selecting a contractor, keep the following considerations in mind.

Contractors Provides Reasonable Estimates

Updating rental properties shouldn’t break the bank, but it’s necessary to attract the best tenants. When hiring a contractor, look over the estimate and take notice if any part of the estimate doesn’t seem right. Often, people pay attention to prices that seem too high, but it’s important to check for low-ball pricing too.

Some contractors might submit a low estimate to get the job, but the estimate doesn’t include all the costs. Estimates like these are frustrating and a sign you’re not working with a reputable or experienced contractor.

Meets Deadlines

Does the contractor go above and beyond to meet deadlines? Sure, sometimes things happen. Supplies get stuck on shipping containers or materials are out of stock. These are things that can affect a project’s on-time completion, but they’re out of the contractor’s control.

What’s not out of the contractor’s control is how they schedule subcontractors. Poor subcontracting scheduling and miscommunication lead to missed deadlines and project’s going over time and cost. Choose a contractor with a reputation for making deadlines a priority.

Quality Work

When hiring tenant improvement contractors for the first time, ask for a portfolio of their work and ask for references. Professional contractors shouldn’t balk at the request and are happy to share this information. For more information about hiring commercial contractors, contact Hammers Construction, Inc., online at

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