How Travertine Pool Pavers Are Making Swimming Pools a Safer Place

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Stone Supplier

Safety is a priority when installing or upgrading swimming pools in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We’ve all slipped and fallen on a wet pool deck. We’ve peeled crying children off the deck to comfort them and to treat their wounds. We’d much rather hear happy squeals than choking tears, so pool deck material selection is of the utmost importance. Have you considered travertine pool pavers?

Travertine Pool Pavers are Cool

We’re not talking Fonzie cool, but rather that pavers don’t take in as much heat. Travertine pool pavers reflect the sunlight and absorb less heat. No toasty toes mean no running to get away from the hot pool deck. Having no more slips and falls means happily squealing kids in the pool and relieved parents.

Travertine is not Slippery

Travertine pool pavers are porous. Water soaks into their pores. This means they don’t get slippery when wet. Concrete and other pool deck materials can’t make this claim. Not that you’ll be in the pool in cold weather, but even icy travertine pavers are safe to walk on.

It is Durable

Travertine rarely chips or cracks, so no toes or feet will be injured by crumbling stone. If a paver does crack or chip, it’s easily replaced, so no one will suffer from stubbed toes or scratched feet.

Get a Grip

Travertine is a natural stone with textured surface. This gives the toes a grip when walking barefoot around the pool. It’s hard to get a grip on smoother materials such as granite or concrete. Travertine provides grip for the feet, something that’s necessary around wet areas like pool decks. This is especially important for small children and seniors.

StoneHardScapes can give you more facts about travertine when you call or visit us online for more information.

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