Installation of Bathroom Windows in Laurel MD Brightens up the Space

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

The installation of bathroom Windows in Laurel MD is desirable for many homeowners because they let in natural light and helps the room feel less like a big closet. However, they also can create problems with privacy when the wall faces neighboring homes, a sidewalk or a street. Contractors offer various solutions to the privacy issue that still allow sunlight to shine in.

Brightening up the Space

With new windows installed by a contractor such as Liberty Windows and Siding, a gloomy bathroom can be turned into a bright, sunny space. The contractor will first need to evaluate the structure of the building around this room and determine whether windows can be added.

Sometimes, even if it would be problematic to install a full-sized window, a small round or rectangular window might be a possibility. Small rectangular or square models, known as slot windows, are increasingly popular.

Windows at the Top

For a bathroom, narrow horizontal Windows in Laurel MD might be installed along the ceiling, similar to the way apartments below street level deal with the natural light concern. Someone wanting to peep in would have to be on a ladder to do so. Bathrooms on the top floor can have skylights, which are remarkably effective for brightening up the space. Even one skylight in a bathroom can make artificial lighting unnecessary throughout daytime hours. This is an ideal solution for bathrooms that are not against an exterior wall.


Textured windows, at least on the bottom half of a double-hung window, are effective at preventing anyone from seeing inside. This is a common choice among homeowners who appreciate the abundant light from full vertical windows without having to compromise privacy at all. Texture can be constructed right in the panes or applied as a frost.

Glass Block

Thick glass block windows have a retro appearance and can look very stylish. Nobody can see through the glass, which is available in numerous patterns as well as with clear layers. Light freely shines through from outside, but visibility of any detail is blocked from both directions. Visit us website to learn more about this particular contractor.

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