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Keep The Rain at Bay With Superior Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL

The roof of any building is supposed to keep the elements outside, but a damaged or failing roof can often cause more problems than they stop. This is mainly due to the way water pools around some damaged areas or is allowed to soak in through others. Thankfully, most minor concerns are easily dealt with using quality Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL. This is especially true when using the common, three-tab, asphalt shingle. This budget roofing solution tends to have a short service life, but most repairs only require the replacement of the damaged shingles.

To get the most out of any roof, it pays to begin with quality roofing products. Granted, three-tab shingles are the most budget friendly, but the typical warranty on these products usually range from ten to twenty-five years. More advanced asphalt products like composite shingles or laminated shingles normally have warranties that exceed fifty years. In fact, many manufacturers warrant these products for the life of the home. Part of the reason for this is the way the shingles are made.

Laminated shingles are created by placing an additional layer of asphalt on the back side of the shingle. This gives the shingle additional strength. The front side is an unusual arrangement of rectangles designed to give the shingle a unique appearance. These rectangles are random so that each installation will also be unique. Composite shingles, on the other hand, are creating by adding one or more additional shingles over the top of the product. This creates a thick top that gives each shingle extra depth and durability. Add to this the unusual edges these shingles have and the result is a roof that simulates slate. Composite shingles also have custom shapes to add to this effect.

Other options when dealing with Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL include the use of metals such as steel or copper. Copper is the preferred choice for its decorative qualities. However, steel is a better option when covering large areas because of its lower cost. Most steel roofing is treated with zinc galvanizing to reduce corrosion and comes in a variety of styles to simulate other roofing solutions. This makes steel roofing an excellent option for roof replacement. It can even be installed over an existing asphalt roof in certain cases. Please click here for more info.

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