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Learn About What Is Influencing Architecture in the United States

There are several trends that are influencing architecture in the United States. These trends are reflected when you see architecture student competitions. Younger students are focusing on the need to address adaptive design and sustainable design. Sustainability is one of the biggest themes you will see at architecture student competitions.

The world is urbanizing rapidly. There is a greater need for cost-effective buildings, landscapes, and urban design. By 2050, it is estimated that 70 percent of people will live in cities. This is something that is already being reflected in certain parts of the world. In Australia, two thirds of residents are living in major cities. Some residents are struggling to find suitable housing.

Housing that is suitable for occupants and that reflects concepts of sustainable design and adaptive design are more important now than ever as more people are spending their time indoors. According to reports by government agencies, most adults will spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Buildings that are poorly designed breed higher pollution levels. They have a negative impact on adults and children. Buildings that are designed with poor ventilation lead to excessive humidity and uncomfortable temperatures. They become breeding grounds for disease.

Buildings in cities can be designed to promote better health. This is a trend that is being pioneered by modern architecture students. Successful examples of architecture that promote good health have been seen in places like Denmark, the Netherlands, and other areas where cities have been designed or redesigned to make it easier for people to get around by walking.

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