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On The Lookout for Hammer Mills For Sale in Oregon? Know The Basics Before You Buy!

Hammermills are machines often used in the grain industry to reduce the size of grain by crushing or shredding it with hammers.

How Hammermills Work

Grain goes into the hammermill by way of a feed chute and ends up in a grinding chamber where rectangular pieces of hardened steel attached to a rotating shaft begins to crush it with repeated blows. The grain receives impact from the hammers as well as the walls of the grinding chamber. Each impact fractures the size of the grain. Beneath the grinding chamber is mounted a screen that covers the discharge opening of the mill. This screen only allows grain which has reached the intended size to pass through a finished product. Most materials exit the mill by way of gravity, but some hammermills are equipped with pneumatic suction to draw out maximum product. Adjustments to hammer size, rotation speed, and screen size allow for control over the size of the final product.

Things to Consider When Buying A Hammermill

When purchasing a hammermill, operators should only consider those constructed with materials of the highest quality. The speed and force involved with hammermill operation call for the highest safety measures that only quality materials and construction can provide. For maximum return on the investment, operators should also consider a hammermill that can accommodate and adjust to various grain size and capacity. Also, anyone interested in Hammer Mills For Sale in Oregon should only consider machines that generate minimal heat and dust.

How To Maintain A Hammermill

To maximize safety in the unlikely event of an explosion, hammermills are usually required to be located near an outside wall in a contained space. The most important maintenance measure is to lubricate the hammermill regularly with a lubricant recommended specifically by the manufacturer. Auto-lubricants can damage and compromise the safety of a hammermill. Operators should also regularly check the machine for clear airflow. A clogged screen or materials stuck to a hammer could significantly decrease the energy and time efficiency and could cause damage.

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