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Luxury Custom Homes in Seattle WA And Green Residences – Not Mutually Exclusive

When we think of luxury homes, we think of palatial abodes. They have all the bells and whistles and then some. They may be decadent. They are definitely not simple. They are usually thought to be humongous. If you think of luxury custom homes builders in Seattle WA make certain they conform to certain expectations – even if the requests from the owner seem decadent.

Going Green

In contrast to our perception of a luxury custom home is the idea of a Green home. It is a home that is sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Something defined as green is often perceived as being simpler in nature and content. It is often said that to be energy efficient, a smaller home is best. How then is it possible to be both luxurious and green?

Luxury Custom Home Builders and the Green Movement

More and more home builders are becoming green. They may be so in degrees. Some may focus on insuring the home is energy efficient while others build using sustainable materials. For a luxury custom home, builders can go even further. To fire up the water, keep the lights on, make sure the house is cooled and heated sufficiently, and make certain it retains its luxurious, and even decadent feel, builders can tap into the more expensive natural sources of heat and cooling.

Solar heating, passive or active is viable in certain formats, builders can arrange for it to be capable of heating large tubs of water or maintaining the temperature of rooms. Solar energy can be tapped to help with the power. Yet, for those who have the money, a more expensive and consistent natural source for all these things is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is not only sustainable energy it is three times as efficient as any other form currently available. This type of energy is also less polluting than many others.

With geothermal energy, professional luxury custom home builders in Seattle can make sure the most fastidious home owner gets the type of heating and cooling system they want. The initial outlay may be substantial, but the outcome is increased energy efficiency and savings overtime. This is going off the grids with style.

This is not the only means of going green. Luxurious custom homes can save money and energy and still be decadent. They can have programmable thermostats, energy saving appliances and other systems – they are just bigger and more complex than the average home may have. The owners of such residence can also insist on using the most expensive material but it may also be the high end of the sustainable products. This is possible for everything that goes into the construction of Custom Homes. The builder can accommodate the need for luxury while being sure everything is essentially green. This makes being green and living in a luxury custom home compatible.

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