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The Many Benefits of the Amazing Hand Dryer

The bathroom hand dryer is a pretty impressive little machine. It has evolved over the years to take the place of paper towels in most high-traffic public buildings. It dries hands in a sanitary, efficient and quiet manner. It comes in a variety of models, from standard to deluxe, with many budget-friendly models. If you are in the market for hand dryers, consider some of the following benefits of this durable machine.


With dry times as little as 10 seconds, hand dryers make the best use of energy possible. Some models use a no-heat technology that dries hands rapidly with extremely low energy output. When not in use, most machines use minimal energy through the use of sensors and sleep modes. The most efficient bathroom hand dryer can reduce energy usage significantly over older models.


The days when using a hand dryer in a public bathroom sounded like a jet plane taking off are over. The newer models are much quieter than their ancestors. Some models have sound measurements of below 70 decibels, and many models come with adjustments to lower noise levels.


The newer electrical hand dryers reduce the spread of germs in a hectic public restroom through several enhancements. In many cases, there is no need to touch the machine at all. Sensors detect when hands are present and start and turn off the dryer automatically. Air filtering systems and antimicrobial technology reduce germ contamination.


Likewise, the evolution of the modern hand dryer has made them much more reliable. As technology has improved, breakdowns are less common, and with proper maintenance, the machine is even less likely to fail. Reliability can be a huge benefit when dealing with a busy public facility.

The bathroom hand dryer has come a long way over the years. It now provides much better operation at a fraction of the operating cost of earlier models. Browse the website for more information.

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