Masonry Contractors In Conshohocken PA Can Make Your Building Look Like New

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Weather can have terrible effects on the stone and block of a building. Over time, the mortar can create small cracks that will allow water in. During the freeze and thaw cycle, the water can create further deterioration of the masonry. Newer or historical buildings can all be in need of repair work and it should be performed by experienced masonry contractors in Conshohocken, PA. Mixing any type of mortar and putting it into a cracked area is never recommended. The appearance of an improper repair is unsightly, and if the mixture is too hard, it will cause further cracking and damage to the structure.

In addition to the restoration of above grade buildings, masonry contractors in Conshohocken, PA can perform foundation crack injection as well as interior and exterior below grade damp proofing. Foundation or crawl space foundation cracks can be filled with low-pressure concrete crack injections that use either polyurethane or epoxy. If a structure is not at risk, polyurethane can repair the crack. It is flexible, is easier to install into a crack, and fills any void area. Soil settlement or movement around a foundation can cause a structure issue that requires an epoxy injection. When epoxy is injected into a foundation crack, the bond is much better and is stronger than the current foundation wall.

Sealing stone, concrete or any masonry areas is important to extend its life. Waterproofing and protection services are available through a reputable masonry restoration service. Penetrating sealers applied to brick, stone, concrete and deck coatings for pedestrian or vehicular traffic will protect the area against excessive moisture absorption. Masonry contractors can perform:

   *    Brick and Stone Pointing, Repair and Replacement

   *    Thru-Wall Flashing Replacement

   *    Stucco and EIFS Repair

   *    Sealant Removal and Replacement

   *    Concrete Patching and Repair

   *    Masonry Coatings and Waterproofing

   *    Masonry Cleaning

   *    Masonry Stabilization and Rebuilding

   *    Interior & Exterior Below Grade Damp-Proofing

When your building, foundation or concrete flooring needs to be repaired, contact an experienced masonry contractor like Mara Restoration. They offer a wide variety of outstanding services and have high-trained employees. They are a full-service masonry restoration and preservation contractor. They have outstanding references and are always up to the aesthetic revival of your property.

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