Outlining the recovery process after flood damage

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Flood damage can create havoc in your home weakening your home’s structure and destroying personal possessions. Some people prefer to just start all over in a new place after a flood has claimed their home. However the truth is that it is possible to rebuild when you have the right flood damage restoration services. By working with your trusted local restoration company, you can be assured of getting the best results for your home.

File a claim with your insurance agent

When your home is flooded, there is not much to do other than run for cover and stay with family, friends, or at a hotel. However once the water has died down and your home is clear of flooding, you will need to move forward. Calling your insurance company and filing a claim will help you get the money you need to cover repairs. You can also contact your local flood damage restoration company that can file the claim on your behalf. The restoration company likely has extensive experience filing claims on behalf of their customers and will do an accurate and professional job.

Take pictures of the flood damage

It is important to document your losses for insurance purposes although this may be an emotionally difficult process. You can take along a friend or family member who will assist you with taking the photos you need. You can also retrieve any salvageable items at this time

Contact a flood damage restoration company

After you have removed your personal belongings from the home it is time to start the restoration process. The flood damage restoration company you work with can come to your location and start drying out the area using advanced equipment. Once everything is dry, they will identify any potential damage so that they can begin the reconstruction process. This may be a lengthy and time-consuming undertaking but the end result is that your home will be restored to its original condition.

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