Prepare Your Home for Tile Installation in Houston

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Flooring

Tile installation is a great way to upgrade your floors and walls, giving your home a fresh look. But before you dive into the installation process, it’s essential to properly prepare your home for the job. A well-done preparation can ensure smoother and quicker installation. Houston’s weather can be hot and humid, which means that any DIY project or hiring a contractor from Petra Flooring & Blinds LLC requires some strategic planning.

In this blog, we will be discussing crucial things to do when preparing your home for tile installation in Houston.

Clear the Room

The very first step to preparing your home for tile installation is to clear the room where you’ll be installing the tiles. Clear the room and get rid of any furniture, rugs, or other items on the floors or walls. Removing any obstacles ensures that the contractor has enough space to safely move around and minimizes the risk of damage to your items.

Clean the Surface

It’s time to clean the floor or wall surface. Ensure that the surface is free of any dust, debris, or grease. Cleaning the surface helps to prevent grime from getting imprinted on your new tiles and ensures proper adhesive adherence. Make use of a heavy-duty vacuum, mop the floor, or use a neutral cleaner to clean any residue left behind.

Evaluate Subfloors

Evaluate and prepare the subfloor to make sure that it is stable. Remove any old flooring or underlayment that has begun to deteriorate. This will help avoid squeaking or bouncy tiles and prolong the life of your new tiles.

Acclimate the Tiles

Tile acclimation is the process of letting the tiles adjust to the surroundings of the installation spot’s natural humidity and temperature. This helps avoid any cracks and ensures that all tiles are at a relatively similar temperature, which can impact the tiles’ final appearance.

Seal Grout Lines

After the tile installation in Houston, you need to seal the grout lines to keep the tiles looking clean and prevent dirt buildup. Sealing the grout helps to keep the tiles looking great and adds antioxidation benefits to the grout.

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