Protect Your Business by Investing in a Proper Water Protection System

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

A foundation waterproofing membrane is one of the best solutions for protecting your business from downtime caused by water-related damages. Water intrusion can destroy equipment, unit stock, and permanently disable electrical components that are vital to your company’s operations. If you want to make sure that you are best protected from possible disruptions to your business operations, you need to be proactive and explore installing a foundation waterproofing membrane.

Protecting the Integrity of Your Structure

Installing water protection is a first line of defense against the most common problem for most building owners around the world – compromised structural integrity caused by water erosion. The membrane prevents excessive water events from spilling over into your building. This is short-term protection, but the technology also provides long-term coverage against minute water condensation. Over a long period of time temperature and moisture differences can cause moisture to collect inside the foundation of your structure. A membrane provides protection against this.

Protecting More Than Just Your Foundation

Because the foundation with a strong layer of waterproofing complements you air ventilation system. It does this by helping to prevent pockets of high humidity air form the foundation and work their way around the upper layers of your structure.

Saving You Money

A foundation waterproofing membrane can save you money by minimizing the risk of damages to your structure over the long term, but it can also save you money via its ability to help moderate moisture retention and transference in your structure. This affects your ability to maintain a constant in-structure temperature. It also means that electronic failure caused by excessive moisture will be minimized.

Waterproofing one of the most vulnerable areas of your structure is invaluable. Make the right decision to protect your business in the short and long term. A waterproofing membrane will save you money and lower the risk of a large emergency expense in your future.

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