Recovering from a Water Damage Disaster – What to Do First

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Restoration Contractors

When your home has been damaged by flood or flames, you may be dealing with major water damage. Though most people expect heavy rains and other water weather events to cause water damage, fire is a less expected culprit. To put flames out, though, it’s necessary to use large amounts of water – and often to cause large amounts of damage in the process.

How can you recover your home and your feeling of stability after a major water or fire event? Begin with professional water damage restoration and hope. Here’s how the rest will fall into place:

Community Resources

Falling victim to a fire or flood can make you feel isolated in the midst of your devastation. What can you do? Who can you turn to? Before you begin calling for professional help, look for community resources that may be able to offer assistance in the first phases of your recovery.

Community assistance programs may offer some of the following:

  • Help in paying for restoration services
  • Counseling services
  • Grief counseling
  • Assistance in affording burial services
  • Temporary shelter
  • Relocation assistance
  • Childcare during relocation
  • Access to medical care and services
  • Assistance in purchasing food and clean water
  • Assistance in finding clothing
  • Replacements for children’s toys

Regardless of what you’ve lost in the flames or waves of your family’s disaster, there are likely services available to help you cope.

Professional Help

Once you have begun the process of recovering mentally and emotionally from your water damage disaster, it’s time to call a Kamloops water damage restoration professional to begin rebuilding your home.

Water damage restoration services typically start with cleanup and removal of damaged structural components and property. Some things can be saved and restored; others will be too damaged or even dangerous for you to keep, especially if fire was involved. Let your restoration professional guide you in choosing what to do with your possessions. Once they’ve completed their work, you can begin rebuilding your memories, safe and sound in a clean, dry home.

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