Remove Water Damage Completely

by | May 10, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

What can be done about water damage? That is a very good question, and one that has a few more answers than just a few years ago. While it was often necessary for a family or business to abandon a property for days, even weeks, while professionals did their jobs, things have changed significantly. A quick study of what this type of damage is will help with any future issues.

One of the first problems specialists encounter when called to a home or business is making sure all the water has been located. Homeowners may believe they have done a complete job by drying out surfaces and places where moisture is evident. But someone with experience will usually find more damage and residual moisture in places the homeowner has not looked.

More Than Visual Inspection

Beyond a visual inspection and touching places that feel wet, an expert can not only locate the hidden sources of water damage, but will use the latest technology to dry up this moisture more quickly than before. This will go a long way toward eliminating the odors and mold that can develop with an incomplete job. In some cases, it may not be necessary to cause physical damage to the home while finding the moisture.

New methods and technology allow workers to dry carpet, walls, and almost everything else in a building in hours rather than days. Moisture is evaporated and exhausted to the outdoors, completely removing it from the building. In addition to restoring the home or business to its previous condition, or better, the new processes help keep the costs significantly lower. If the property owner does not have to rebuild walls or replace flooring, it stands to reason that there will be less expense. Fortunately, water damage no longer has to be the long-term disruption it once was.

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