Removing Moss Or Fungus From A Rooftop Is A Common Commercial Roof Repair in Charleston SC

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Roofing Contractor

Moss or fungus that is growing on the surface of shingle roofs can be eliminated with the following instructions. Once roofing materials do not have any stains on them, a strip that has zinc added to it can be installed across the top of a home or business to protect the shingles from additional problems. If roofing problems are not handled in a timely manner, however, a company that offers a Commercial Roof Repair in Charleston SC may need to be hired to assist with a repair.

Powell Roofing, LLC or a similar business can help with a variety of roofing problems and will guarantee any repair work that they complete. The first step that needs to be completed in order to remove moss or fungus is sprayed the rooftop off with a steady stream of water. Once either material has been soaked, it will not be too difficult to remove. A hand rake or scrub brush can be used to remove substances quickly. Afterward, a soapy solution can be applied to any stains that remain on a rooftop.

A zinc strip can be installed across the top of a roof by a professional company. This type of strip will not ruin the beauty of a building and will remain intact for several years. A company that provides a Commercial Roof Repair in Charleston SC will measure the size of a rooftop before a protective product is installed. A zinc roofing strip will emit zinc whenever it rains. The zinc will roll across the surface of shingles that cover a structure.

Zinc is a material that will provide a protective barrier and prevent stains from forming on asphalt. As a result, damages will not be as likely to occur as they previously were. Asphalt shingles will remain attractive and may last for several years. A roofing specialist can assist with any other problems that may occur to a roof of any size. Roofing professionals are skilled at installing a variety of roofing materials. They can also repair a roof that has been leaking or maintain the condition of a roof that has recently been installed so that it continues to protect the inside of a building.

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