Repair of Roofing in Laurel MD When a Small Number of Shingles Have Blown Off

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Roofing

After a shingled roof has been in place for many years, homeowners may notice some minor damage has occurred after a storm. A shingle or two may have blown off because of a nail that popped up, for instance. A couple of shingles may be flapping when the wind blows. A contractor who offers repair work to Roofing in Laurel MD can inspect the roof and determine the extent of the problem. Often, replacement of a handful of problem shingles is all that’s necessary.

After the Storm

Shingles that are just a bit loose can allow strong winds to blow beneath them, which gives the velocity of the wind extra power for blowing the shingles off. The inspection should include a look inside underneath where the shingles came off to see if any rainwater leaking occurred. This might be in an attic if the home has one. Leaking is much less likely if there are two layers of shingles since the lower layer provides extra protection.

Matching the Color

The roofer from a company such as Liberty Windows & Siding should be able to obtain shingles that are an exact match or so close that nobody would be able to tell unless they were on the roof looking around. This isn’t a problem the way it is with slate roofing tiles, which can be very difficult to match. See visit us website for information about this contractor.

Repairing the Roof

Tar will be applied wherever the shingles came loose to make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. Once the tar dries, it functions as a super form of glue. New shingles will be nailed in place by the contractor providing service for Roofing in Laurel MD. Proper placement of the nail corresponding to the rest of the roofing nail pattern is important. A specific technique in overlapping the shingles also must be followed.

Insurance Considerations

If a large number of shingles have blown off and the repair work will be extensive, the homeowners may want to contact their insurance company. When the wind only affected a relatively small number, however, the deductible would probably be higher than the repair project costs.

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